July 19, 2018

Posted by Vickie Blanchet on 7/19/2018

Grade 3:  Mystery Build

Today our third grade students engaged in a mystery build.  Their challenge was one familiar to engineers everywhere:  to complete their build with the least supplies possible.  They had to buy their supplies and keep track of their expenses.  Some of the students made marble runs and others bridges.


Grade 4:  Dam the River

Living in a community on a river, which is forded by the Albeni Falls and Box Canyon Dams, our students regularly see the river rise and fall.  Their challenge today was to build a dam that would hold back the water.  Here are their efforts:

Grade 6:  Solar S'mores

A  delicious challenge was given to our sixth grade class:  Make a solar oven that will cook a s'more.  Using pizza boxes, aluminum foil, black construction paper, and plastic, the students created ovens that melted the chocolate and made the marshmallow gooey on the inside.  The best part of the challenge was, of course, eating them!