July 18, 2018

Posted by Vickie Blanchet on 7/18/2018

K-2:  Marble Wall Maze

The goal of today's engineering challenge was to build a wall marble maze using carboard tubes and tape.  The marble had to travel down the track and drop into a cup.  After putting the marble in the maze, the students were supposed to touch it or "help" it along.  As the students progressed through the challenge, some of them became frustrated and were ready to quit.  The teachers reminded them to keep trying and it was exciting to see the joy on their faces when their ideas finally worked.  Here's what some of the kids were saying . . .

Alex:  "I have an idea!  May if we put the cup on the group, the marble won't have to bounce into it."

Wyatt:  "So the top is gonna be high and we're gonna have two slides and it's gonna go into the cup!"

Timmy:  "Ours is gonna be the longest marble run."

Asking Ms. Carlie,

  • Forest: "We need a new marble."
  • Ms. Carlie:  "You only get one marble."
  • Forest (running back to his group: "We only get one marble. We gotta find ours!"


Grade 3:  Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat by making a water slide.  Students had a construct a water slide down which a small plastic toy could slide propelled by water.  While the basic design was the same . . . a ramp with a place at the top where was is added to make the toy float aways . . . the execution was different in the details.  They defnitely had fun trying out this challenge!


Grade 4:  Newspaper Domes

Continuing with a simple structures theme, the fourth grade class attempted to make a huge dome out of newpaper.


Grade 5:  Puff Mobiles

How far can a car travel on a puff of air?  That's what the budding engineers in the fifth grade class attempted to find out today.  Their challenge was to design a car that would move forward the fastest on a puff of air.  At the end of the project, the fourth grade students watched as the fifth graders raced their vehicles.  It left us all a little breathless!


Grade 6:  Solar Ovens

Our sixth grade students were challenged to build a solar oven out of a pizza box and aluminum foil.  It has to be big enough and get hot enough to roast a couple marshmallows so that the group can have S'Mores.  They are looking forward to trying out their creations tomorrow and hopefully having yummy, gooey, delicious treats.


Grade 7:  Serious Building Today

The 7th-10th grade students worked furiously, but carefully, today to increase the size and scope of their Rube Goldberg machines.  After examing possible connections between three different parts of the machine, the class decided that it wasn't feasible to connect them given the time allotted and the size of the viewing area.