July 17, 2018

Posted by Vickie Blanchet on 7/17/2018

K-2:  Bed Bugs?  No Bug Beds!

Didn't mean to start you itching! Our K-2 class had "the BEST finding day EVER!"  They made home for slugs and other bugs out of egg cartons.  Then, they searched for inhabitants for their homes. Here are some of their comments about the day . . .

When Kenzie C. found a slug, she exclaimed, "I don't like slugs anymore because I had some in my sandbox and they turned to juice!"


Waylon P.:  "I love building art."

Ady F.:  "We're putting bugs in bug cartons."

Timmy W., when he found a bug:  "At last, I find you!"

Layla E.:  "I like this activity because I want to bring home a creature."  I hope her mom and dad are as excited as she is about the new roommate.

Lucas and Wyatt, when they found bug eggs, chanted, "We have slug eggs!  We're gonna be parents!"

Grade 3:  To the Rescue

Our third grade students were challenged to make rescue devices today.  Sadly, we don't have any pictures of their products.  I hope to have student comments soon.

Grade 4:  Domes & Pyramids

Today saw our grade four students take on challenges, in real life, have resulted in some amazing structures:  Domes and Pyramids.  Students had to build a geodesic dome with toothpicks and gum drops (I wonder how many were eaten along the way???).  Unlike the pyramid builders of Ancient Egypt, our students didn't have to push and pull gigantic stone blocks across logs.  Still, their challenge took a lot of teamwork and coordination.  They had to stach a set of cups as high as possible.  The challenge:  Don't use your hands!  They had to work together to lift the cups using rubberbands.

Grade 5:  Straw Rockets

Our grade five class had a blast today (pun intended) as they built rockets out of straws and launched them.  After testing their creations, they commented:

Cloud:  OOOH!  How do you tie knots in the rubberbands?

Steven:  This is the best working one I've made so far.

Barrett:  This works sooo good!

Shanen:  I can't wiat to make these at home.

Ruger:  I'm making even bigger rockets at home!

Their rockets launched high enough to hit the roof.


Grade 6:  Repurpose for Life

Continuing with their self-sustaining nature projects using recycled materials, the sixth grade students made bird feeders from small milk containers and mini-terrariums from cups.  When asked what was hard about this challenge,  STEM challenges have highlighted the importance of research in coming up with solutions.  At first, these students were stumped by the bird feed project.  Seeing an example sparked their imaginations and they each came up with a different design.  The hardest part was making a perch for the birds to stand as they eat from the feeder.  


Grade 7:  Research & Design

The engineering process begins with a question.  Engineers then research what has already been done and brainstorm what they can do.  Taking one or more of their ideas, they create a design, build it and test it.  This is what our grade 7-10 class did today.  They started out viewing other Rube Goldberg machines on YouTube to get ideas for their creations.  Building involved a lot of testing and tweeking.  Progress is being made!