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Parent Feedback Survey

November 1, 2022


Dear Parents,


As Newport School District continues to look for ways to improve, it is important for us to understand how the parents and students of our district regard the job we are doing.  Your feedback is crucial for us to know what you consider our strengths and our opportunities for growth.  We feel that the best way to gather this information is to survey our parents and students using a survey developed by the Center of Educational Effectiveness (CEE).


This survey will lead to conversations around improvement as a result of the feedback obtained from the student, staff, and parent survey data.  I have spoken to several districts that have used CEE and they have found it to be a very informative and powerful guide for continuous improvement. 


To gather this information, we are asking that you take a few minutes to complete this very important survey. This will only take about 10 minutes to complete and you will remain anonymous.  The survey link, see next page, will be open from November 1– November 18.


To our parents who have children in grades K-3, we ask that you take a little time to go over this with them using the K-3 grade student survey link. For students who are in 4-12th grade, students will have an opportunity to complete this survey during advisory or an assigned time in class. Student voices are very important to the success of this. Again, this is a completely anonymous survey.


We value your input as we strive to continue to improve our schools.  Thank you for your feedback.





Newport School District



Parent/Guardian Link

Survey available now through Friday, November 18th.

To access the survey, visit:


EES Family Survey Link: Newport SD



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  1. Choose your language preference on the opening page of the survey;
  2. Select your child’s school (if you have children in multiple schools, complete one survey per child); and
  3. Complete the survey and click submit.




Student Link

Survey available now through Friday, November 18th.

To access the survey, visit:


 EES Student Primary Survey Link:  (Grades K-3)


EES Student SEL Survey Link: Newport SD (Grades 4-12)