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NHS Fentanyl Awareness Day


September 20, 2022

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Newport High School students and faculty, along with leadership students from Riverside, Deer Park, and Cusick, spent a portion of their school day learning about the devastating effects of fentanyl. At 11:30 am, students heard from the family of Dylan Krogh, an alum of NHS, who lost his life to fentanyl poisoning in April of 2021. Dylan’s dad, Todd, spoke to the students and his powerful message was that he didn’t want to save just one person, he wants to save every single person in the room. Dylan’s sister, Mackenzie, and brother, Ben, also spoke to the students. The resounding message was “be a hero.”  

The student body then broke out into several smaller groups and rotated throughout the building, hearing from different guest speakers for the remainder of the day.

This awareness event was organized by Todd and Julie Krogh and we are so grateful to the entire Krogh family and their incredible strength in sharing their heartbreaking story about their son and brother, Dylan.

We’d also like to extend a special thanks and recognize Melissa Smith, NHS teacher, for her invaluable contribution and working side-by-side with the Krogh family to make certain the day was as powerful and profound as it was.  


Dr. Jones, MD 

Dr. Geoff Jones, Family Physician and Assistant Clinical Dean at the UWSOM, discussed the medical side of fentanyl - what it does to you, how it affects the body, why it is so addictive, and what you can do for someone that has been poisoned by fentanyl.



Laci Larsen, Drug Enforcement Agency, discussed the profound impact fentanyl has had on our region. Also, she discussed drug dealers and what their goal is and how they get people addicted. 


US Attorney

Stephanie Van Marter & Mike Ellis, prosecuting attorneys with the US Department of Justice in Eastern Washington, discussed specific cases they have prosecuted against drug traffickers and their experiences with how prolific fentanyl has become over the past 6 years in our region.


Chief of Police

Mark Duxbury, Chief of Police, discussed laws surrounding fentanyl including the dangers of consequences of selling/possession, the rampancy with which it has flooded our area, and the protection of oneself with the Good Samaritan Law.