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Welcome to the NHS Griz Family, Mr. Bouldin!

June 9, 2022

Newport Griz families and community members,

As you know from our communication to you in May, our high school principal, Jamie Pancho, has accepted a high school principal position in Chelan.  Upon Jamie’s notification to us, we immediately opened the position for a three-week period.  When the position closed on June 1st, we had three completed applications.  After prudently vetting those applications, it was decided to bring one candidate forward. Based on the many positive recommendations and quality application, the selection committee felt this applicant would be a very viable candidate and a good fit for our school and community. 

Due to the fact that we had just one, and given the urgency of the time of year, we moved forward the timeline for the principal interview.  Yesterday, Mr. Steve Bouldin spent the entire day at the high school meeting with students, staff, parents, and school board members.  Mr. Bouldin is currently an assistant principal at Lewis and Clark High School and, before that, spent six years in the Riverside School District, nine years in North Pole, Alaska and nine years in Texas.  Mr. Bouldin has extensive special education and general education classroom experience and has demonstrated that he has exceptional skills and potential to be a strong building leader from his time at both Lewis and Clark and Riverside.  

Selecting a qualified principal to work with our students, staff, and parents is critical to the success of our school and we believe that the time staff, students, and parents spent yesterday interviewing Mr. Bouldin as well as the deep dive into recommendations and phone calls to past employers has given us great reassurance that we have selected the right person.  We had our principal candidate in front of students, staff, and parents for every bit of eight and a half hours yesterday and the overwhelming response from all groups is that Steve Bouldin should be our next Newport High School Principal.  Reviewing the feedback provided by the over 60 people who engaged with Mr. Bouldin, three common themes emerged; relationship builder, listener, supportive.  

I look forward to introducing Mr. Bouldin to all of our students and parents and I have every confidence that you too will find him to be a relationship builder, listener, and supportive.



Dave Smith