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Home Link

Newport School District is excited to offer a Home Link Program to our families beginning with the 2021 school year! If you are interested in the Home Link Program or would like more information, please email Amanda Driver, Home Link Program teacher, at

Newport Home Link is a Washington State Parent Partnership Program that will support families who choose to educate their children using a homeschooling approach. Home Link will offer support, guidance, and accountability/compliance structures to parents who serve as their child’s primary educator. While program consultants will assist families with the development of learning plans and will often be deeply involved in curriculum choices, the parent partnership model requires a high amount of parent involvement and ownership. 

  • Students may attend for as little as one course per week, while others are enrolled as full-time public school students, who will invest up to 28 hours per week depending on grade level.
  • Due to the pandemic, students will not be required to attend class in person, one on one meetings with a certified teacher may be set up for weekly compliance, we are here to support you and your child.
  • Classes offered by Home Link will meet once or twice a week, for approximately 1-2 hours per session. Classes have not yet been determined, but will fall under these categories: Enrichment, CTE, Science, Art, Music, Drama, Honors, Title and Lap reading and math.   
  • Every class is taught or overseen by a certified teacher.
  • State testing for enrolled students.
  • Families work with a certified teacher to create a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) to develop a guide to meet their educational goals. This will include graduation pathways. 
  • Students will meet once a week with a certified teacher to check goals and ensure adequate progress is being made. 
  • Families will meet once a month with a certified teacher to ensure the Student Learning plan is being followed and submitted to the State. 
  • A Resource Library built and maintained for the enrolled families. 


Homelink 2021!