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Thank you, Kalispel Tribe!

The Newport School District would like to express our warm thanks to the Kalispel Tribe for their very generous donation of three high-end temperature monitors for our elementary, middle, and high school buildings. As schools all around our region and nation are working hard to implement the many safety measures to keep our kids safe, we are also working to create a safe environment where they can learn. Conducting temperature screenings for students and staff each morning is one such safety measure that is critical, but will take time to complete with hundreds of students arriving daily. 

The temperature check monitors will make student entry into the building much more efficient, and the technology provides an accurate reading, not mention that walking in front of a monitor is less invasive as well. 

We could not have provided this type of avenue for our kids and we are incredibly grateful that the Kalispel Tribe provided this resource to help keep our students, staff, parents, and community healthy.  


Thank you!