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11.3.20 Superintendent Smith Update

November 3, 2020

Newport School District Families,

Late yesterday afternoon, Tri County Health Department amended its recommendation which will now allow more access for our younger learners. For this to happen, student groups cannot be any larger than ten students. With this new recommendation and the need to maximize our students on campus, we will be moving to a Hybrid A/B schedule, Monday through Thursday, for kindergarten through 6th grade starting November 9th.

At this point, we will continue to remain in the Distance Learning mode for 7th-12th graders. We are, however, increasing access to teachers for students who are in these grades. We will continue to work with Tri County Health and begin the phasing-in of our 7-12 students in the near future.  For our K-6 students: teachers will be directly notifying parents tomorrow and Thursday which schedule your son or daughter will follow. Again, this hybrid schedule will begin Monday, November 9th. Building principals will also be sending out additional information later this week regarding the hybrid schedule as well as how we will support your son or daughter when they are not onsite.  

Please closely read the information below, as it outlines how we will conduct the phasing-in of our students in the month of November.

K - 12 Phasing-In Plan:  November 9th - December 18th


ALL K-6 students will be on a Hybrid A/B schedule, Monday through Thursday. This hybrid schedule will require students to attend onsite two days each week and work the remaining days remotely using work packets, Canvas, and Zoom. Teachers will notify parents whether their child has the A or B schedule. 

  • “A” group will attend onsite every Monday and Tuesday, except for the week of Thanksgiving.
  • “B” group will typically attend every Wednesday and Thursday, with the exception of Veterans Day week and Thanksgiving Day week.

Building principals will be sending out the Hybrid A/B Calendar later this week.

(Preschool will return to Monday-Thursday. AM session = 7:45a.m.-10:45/ PM session = 11:45 a.m.-2:45 p.m.)

7th & 8th GRADE:

Continue with Distance Learning with the following learning opportunity:

Students may work onsite individually with teachers to receive help, tutoring, access to staff, and access to the internet. You must contact the school office IN ADVANCE to schedule your student’s hourly visits at (509) 447-2426.

*We want to support all students and their learning needs.  Please contact the office with ideas as to how we can support your family at this time.

9th - 12th GRADE:

Continue with Distance Learning with the following learning opportunities:

Our NHS Cafeteria/Multipurpose Room is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. for students who need to access the internet for academic purposes, a structured area to work, and/or learning assistance from teachers. Please contact your classroom teacher or Mrs. Carlson at or call 509-447-2481 ext.3602 to schedule your time.

Individualized Intervention: students/families will need to schedule these times with individual teachers.

*We want to support all students and their learning needs.  Please contact the high school office, (509) 447-2481, with ideas as to how we can support your family at this time.


Students enrolled in the Grizzly Remote Connect program will continue to work remotely.


Phasing-In Procedures and Protocols

Safety Procedures:

With K-6 students returning on Monday, November 9th, and as we phase-in our secondary students, we will continue to adhere to all of the safety procedures and requirements of our state. For daily arrival and departure of students, we will continue to utilize the same procedures that were implemented in October: health screening at entries or attestation tickets signed by parents, physical distancing of 6 feet, and face coverings/masks required to be worn indoors. 


Transportation for K-6th grade students will begin Monday, November 9th. Please remember that all students are required to wear a mask on the bus and that all students will be assigned a seat in order to track close contacts in the instance we have a student test positive for COVID.


  • With K-6 students returning to school, meals will no longer be delivered to distribution points or be available at Stratton Elementary for pickup; the last day for these services will be this Thursday, November 5th.
  • Onsite students: will have the option to take home additional meals for the days they are not onsite. Group A will have meals available on Tuesday and Group B will take home additional meals on Thursday. (Please make sure your children know to bring these home.)
  • Distance Learners or for ANY child, ages 1-18, regardless of whether they are enrolled in Newport School District or not, we will be offering FREE 5-day meal packs every Tuesday starting November 10th. Meals must be pre-ordered, please go to ( -  Departments - Nutrition - “Meal Sign Up Form”) for additional information and ordering. You can also call Sheila Myrvang, Nutrition Services Director, at 509-447-3167 ext. 4511 and she can take your order over the phone. Remember: all children onsite and offsite, 1-18 years of age, receive free breakfast and lunch through June 2021.


This phasing-in plan will be for November 9th through December 18th. We are committed to this schedule during that time. As we see cases in our county decline, we will be looking for opportunities to bring more students back. We have not committed to any schedules beyond December 18th, as I am hoping to provide you with an updated schedule in late December that will allow for expanded opportunities for all of our students, grades K-12, to be onsite.    



Dave Smith

Newport School District Superintendent