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10.13.20 Superintendent Update - Distance Learning Beginning this Week



It is with sincere and deep regret that I have to announce that we will be phasing back to distance learning this week.  As you can see from the memo (attached following this letter) from Tri County Health, the latest spike in cases has brought us to a range that is 400 cases per one hundred thousand above what the Washington State Department of Health has provided for a benchmark for in-person instruction. In addition, the most recent spike in cases has involved younger students including a NHS student this past weekend. While we did anticipate that, at some point, we would have positive cases, the greater concern has become that the large spike in cases in our county will increase cases in our school thus transmitting the virus into our community which will over-tax our healthcare system and their ability to provide overall care. This is a blow to our district and it has again put you, as parents, in a most difficult situation. 

Tri County Health officials ask that we transition as quickly as we can into the distance learning model. I know that arrangements need to be made especially for those parents with younger children therefore, the schedule for our students K-12 will be the following:


K - 6 students on campus today, tomorrow, and Thursday with distance learning beginning this Friday. (2-day meal packs will be offered for students who are going home on Thursday) 


7th and 8th grade students will be onsite today and tomorrow with distance learning beginning this Thursday. (3-day meal packs are being offered for students going home tomorrow)

9th and 10th GRADE STUDENTS

Finish up the day today with distance learning beginning this Wednesday

11th and 12th GRADE STUDENTS

Will not return to campus this week and will begin distance learning Wednesday

(for anyone who did not receive a meal, there will be a 2-day meal pickup this Thursday at Stratton Elementary from 11:15 a.m.  to 12:00 p.m.)


Starting Tuesday, October 20: All meals must be pre-ordered prior to pick up or delivery by using the link on the Nutrition Services website. Weekly order form will close at 1 p.m. every Friday. There will be multiple meal packs offered to all children ages 1-18. Meals being picked up (Stratton Elementary drive through 11:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.) and deliveries will be on Tuesday and Thursday each week. Bus routes and times will be the same as earlier this school year. Please call the bus barn for additional information on routes 509-447-0505.

Tri County Health officials have assured me that once cases begin to level out, they will support bringing our students back to onsite learning.  I will continue to meet with our local health officials and keep you updated weekly.  In the meantime, teachers will continue to be onsite supporting their students instructionally. We will continue to serve special education students onsite.

The NSD staff and I ask that you hang in there with us, and please know that we loved having our kids back with us.   


Dave Smith

*I also want to make it very clear: if you are not comfortable sending your child (ren) for the remainder of this week, I fully support that decision. Please call their school to excuse them. 

Tri County Health Updated Recommendation