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Need a little internet help?

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Need a little internet help?

With Newport School District moving to “distance learning”, we recognize that families in our community may need a little help with the technology portion. To access our district resources and to complete distance learning, you will need a connection to the internet using a personal smart phone, Chromebook, laptop, etc.

  • Hotspot
  • Local Wi-Fi
  • Home internet


Phone Hotspot

A feature on most smart phones is the ability to use it as a “mobile hotspot”.  To set up a hotspot from your smart phone, please see your phone's user manual. Please be sure check with your carrier for details about your data plan such as additional charges or fees.

District Provided Local Hotspots

Newport School District has worked with Exbabylon and our local fire and rescue to provide additional hotspots in the area. Look for the Grizzly in the window!


  • Sacheen Lake Station on Hwy 211 (6131 Hwy 211)
  • Fertile Valley Station (11 Jermain Rd)
  • Camden Station (4193 Allen Rd)
  • South Pend Oreille Station 4 (433171 Hwy 20)
  • Dalkena Station (11 Dalkena St)
    • Our district Wi-Fi is always accessible as well (Including the Pend Oreille River School located at 110 W. Pine St, behind Safeway.)

NOTE: During this time please be aware that the fire stations are closed to the public, this includes bathrooms and other facilities.  If you believe there is a technical issue, please let us know at

PUD Provided Wi-Fi

There are areas available with free public Wi-Fi.  These include common areas such as several public locations, thanks to our local PUD. The following locations currently have free Wi-Fi available using the Wi-Fi name: “POPUD_FREE WiFI INTERNET ACCESS”.

  • Newport at the park across from the Post Office - 100 N. Washington
  • Ione across from the PUD warehouse at the corner of Central St. & Millyard Rd.
  • Metaline Falls outside the Cutter Theater at 302 Park Street
  • Cusick at the park near City Hall at 1st Ave & Monumental Way

Home Internet

If you currently do not have internet at home but would like to, internet providers in our area include POVN, PUD, iFiber, and Spectrum.  




As always, feel free to reach out to our technology department with any questions: