•  Newport School District (NSD) is requesting proposals for a 4-Wheel Drive Sport Utility Vehicle.  We invite qualified vendors to submit Proposals for Vehicles.  Proposals will be accepted until 12:00 p.m. January 3rd, by the District Office,1380 W 5th Street, P.O. Box 70, Newport, Washington 99156.

    It is the intent of the Newport School District to award a contract to a single provider for a 4-wheel drive sport utility vehicle for our district-wide transportation needs.  We are requesting that you submit a proposal that would provide our District with a vehicle as described in the enclosed RFP specifications.

     Any questions regarding this RFP should be directed to Debra Buttrey, via email buttreydebra@newportgriz.com.  Only emailed questions will be answered.

     The District reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals.

     Request for Proposal 4 Wheel Drive Sport Utility Vehicle


    Additional/Follow-up Questions for 4 Wheel Drive SUV RFP:

    • Does the vehicle have to be new, or will you accept a slightly pre-owned one?  NSD will accept a bid for a pre-owned vehicle.  However, a certified pre-owned vehicle, mileage must be under 25K and must have powertrain warranty. 
    • Will you accept any make/model?  Yes, as long as it meets the minimum specifications of the RFP.
    • Seats - do they need to be leather or can they be cloth?  There is no preference on seat types.
    • Are you looking to stay within a certain price range?  No price range is listed.  The vehicle has to meet the minimum requirements in the RFP. 






    If you would like to be notified when an RFP is available, please complete the link below with your contact information.  An email will be sent to you when the new RFP is published.  


    Copier RFP Notification - current contract ends 8/2026

    Student Transportation RFP Notification - current contract ends 6/30/2027