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Newport Alumni Association

The Newport Alumni Association was formed by the Newport School District School Board to disburse scholarship funds as a non-profit organization established in 1999.   It has expanded to preserve memorabilia, newsletters to alumni and our annual all-school reunion.


            The mission of the Newport Alumni Association shall be to grant scholarships to graduating students from the public high school in the Newport School District, to provide financial assistance to programs and facilities of the Newport School District and the preservation of historical memorabilia pertaining to the Newport School District, its schools and students. 

All School Reunion:

            The All-School reunion started out with the class of 1942, the reunion evolved to include the adjoining classes of 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and became a yearly event. In 2009 Joe Sutton became chair and extended the reunion to include all alumni of Newport School District.   This event will be held again in the summer of 2021.


            The Newport Alumni Association Awards a minimum of 3 scholarships annually from donations received from alumni.   Along with those scholarships we present scholarships in honor of James and Mildred Sewell, Verne and Lorraine Lindsay, and the Kalispel Tribe. Donations are always appreciated. 


            The Alumni Association is always looking for volunteers to assist with the newsletter, all-school reunion, scholarships, website, showcases, class composites and serving on the board. You can contact any Alumni Board Member for further information.