Carol M. White PEP Grant
    In the fall of 2013 our school district was awarded a Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant from the U.S. Department of Education in the amount of $778,154.00.
    This award enabled the District to institute a comprehensive K-12 health/fitness program.  
    "Creating Healthy Students for Life (CHSL), is our goal and the project name selected by the Newport School District.  CHSL will provide a structured and sequential physical education curriculum that covers health/fitness concepts, fitness planning, student activity levels, and nutrition/healthy eating habits for students K-12.  Students will be encouraged to make healthy eating choices and increase fitness activities to enhance their health. 
    During Year 1 we were able to re-design the Newport HS weight room and change a classroom at SHMS into a cardio fitness room. These funds also allowed for us to purchase  new PE equipment for all three schools (balls, jump ropes, step boxes, hand weights, and more...), 
    In Year 2 we purchased functional training equipment (bands and straps that attach to the gym walls), and Year 3 was learning about and deciding which heart rate monitors we wished to purchase for our students.
    PE staff received professional development during all three years both on site (curriculum and activity training's), and teachers had the opportunity to attend state and national conferences to stay on top of current trends in health/fitness and best practices.
    Throughout this process our district was able to expand the after school fitness program for students in grades K-6, with the integration of the FAB 5 and Early Learner Fitness (ELF) curriculum's. We have since merged with the Grizzly Discovery Center (an after school program through a 21st Century grant), which also offers a four week summer program.
    We have been extremely fortunate to have many community partners who also share in the endeavor to teach children what they need to know to be healthy and fit for life; Empire Health Foundation, Washington State Extension Office, Northeast Tri-County Health District, Newport Hospital and Foundation, and the City of Newport.
    This past March we presented to the school board a revised Nutrition and Physical Education Policy and Procedures, which was approved and in place (see School Board Policy 6700).
    The work has just begun, please join us to create a healthy future for our students.