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  • Message to Families, January 25, 2021    

    Dear 5th - 8th Grade SHMS Families,

    We are thrilled to have our 5th through 8th grade students attending school four days per week, beginning Monday, February 1st!  All Kindergarten through 8th grade students will attend our buildings Monday through Thursday (except weeks when we have Monday as a holiday, at which point students would attend Tuesday through Friday).  You can see the schedule on the next page for more details.  

    Dr. Dave Smith sent families an update this afternoon, which also includes further explanation and detail as to our ability to phasing-in more students on-site.  I have included some important details below: 

    • Weekly Schedules for Kindergarten - 8th Grade Students: Beginning Monday, Feb. 1st, all students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 will be scheduled to attend school on-site four days per week, every Monday-Thursday.  K-8th grade students will no longer be following the A and B hybrid schedule.  Students will still be learning at home on Fridays.  This will allow teachers to connect with families, continue to update Canvas and work with any students who may have to quarantine or isolate because of the pandemic.  For weeks with any Monday holidays, students will attend on-site Tuesday through Friday.  

    • Managing Transmission: We can confidently say we have not had any transmission of the virus within our school.   We will continue to keep our students on site however, if we do need to isolate a class or a grade level due to contact tracing for virus transmission, we will do so in order to contain transmission but not disrupt district-wide on-site learning. If you are not comfortable having your son or daughter engage in on-site learning, please contact our office.  We will continue our safety protocols which include: mask wearing indoors, 6’ social distancing at all times, students grouped in cohorts, and health screens at entries. 
    • Rapid Testing Available upon Parent Consent & Arrival: Our school nurses have been trained to administer rapid tests for symptomatic students.  These tests will only be done with parents physically present and giving consent.  With a positive test, the protocol will be followed as such (isolating for 10 days and returning upon improved symptoms).  With a negative test, this result would need to be confirmed with a PCR test through your healthcare provider.  

    • Transportation: We recently facilitated a parent survey to better understand the needs of our students and if student pickup times are altered as a result of that survey we will notify well in advance of that change. You can expect to hear from Durham this week as these adjusted times begin Mon., Feb 1st. Please contact Durham Transportation with any questions or clarifications you may have about route times and locations: (509) 447-0506. 

    Please contact us with any questions or clarifications.  We are especially excited to have all our students on-site four days per week!  Thank you, and Go Griz!   

    Tony Moser
    mosertony@newportgriz.com ; (509) 447-2426 ext. 2502

    Newport School District
    Kindergarten - 8th Grade On-Site Schedule
    February 2021






    February 1


    February 2


    February 3


    February 4


    February 5

    Distance Learning @ Home

    February 8


    February 9


    February 10


    February 12


    February 13

    Distance Learning @ Home

    February 15 

    (No School - President’s Day)

    February 16


    February 17


    February 18


    February 19


    February 22


    February 23


    February 24


    February 25


    February 26

    Distance Learning @ Home


  • lunch

    Welcome back!  We enjoyed having our 5th-8th grade “A group" students on campus today!  We look forward to our "B group" students coming on-site Wednesday, January 6th.  Please call our office with any questions about attending on-site.  Thank you!

We love it when our kids can be on campus!

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