•  Bus Routes

     For more information or route changes please call Durham Bus Services at: 509-447-0505
    Regularly Scheduled Routes: 

    Rt 1:


    Hwy 2, Hwy 211, Fertile Valley, Old State Hwy , Jermain Loop

    Rt 3:


    Davis Lake, Hwy 211, Sacheen Terrace, Hwy 2

    Rt 4:


    North Shore, Jorgens Loop, Viet, Panhead Hill

    Rt 5:


    Hwy 2, Telephone Rd, Green Rd, Driskell Loop

    Rt 6:


    Hwy 41, Rena Rd, Roberts/Saunders, Garrett Rd, Blanchard Crk

    Rt 7:


    Leclerc, Conklin Meadows

    Rt 8:


    Deer Valley, Rocky Gorge

    Rt 9:


    Hwy 211, Baker Lake, Turk, Deeter, Hwy 20, McCloud Crk, Bobier,

    Rt 10:


    Hwy 20, Herbs Dr, Yergens, Levitch, Dalkena, Russell Rd, Turner Rd

    Rt 11:


    Hwy 2, South Shore

    Rt 12:


    Scotia, Camden, Rosema Rd

    Rt 13:


    Spring Valley, Lillijard, Stohr, Bergan, Big Foot

    Rt 14:


    Deer Valley, Coyote Trail, McCloud Crk

    Rt 15:


    Hwy 2, Spring Valley, Elmers Loop, Thompson Rd

    Rt 17:


    Special Needs

    Rt 19:


    Special Needs


    Activity Routes….

    Route 1: Takes LeClerc Rd to Usk Bridge and then highway 20 back to Newport.

     Route 2: Takes Deer Valley Rd, left onto Hwy 211 then left on Hwy 2 back to Newport.

    • Some stops are: Store n More, Paint the Wind (Hwy2 and Hwy 211), Merv’s Mercantile , & South Shore Store

     Route 3: Highway 2 out to Camden Rd., left onto Scotia Rd, right onto Spring Valley to the Mennonite Church




    No Service to….

    Meet At ….


    Balcom Road

    Balcom & Fertile Valley

    Route 1:


    Jermain & Fertile Valley

    Route 3:

    Davis Lake

    Davis Lake & Hwy 211

    Route 3:

    Sacheen Terrace

    Sacheen Terrace & Hwy 211

    Route 4:

    Runs the same


    Route 5:

    Runs the same


    Route 6:

    Garrett Rd

    Roberts Ln & Hwy 41

    Route 6:

    Rena Rd

    Rena Rd & Hwy 41


    Route 8:

    Rocky Gorge

    Rocky Gorge & Hwy 211

    Route 8:

    Gray Rd

    Gray Rd & Deer Valley

    Route 9:

    Baker Lake Rd

    Baker Lk Rd & Turk Rd

    Route 10:

    Herbs Drive

    Herbs Dr & Hwy 20

    Route 10:

    Yergens Rd

    Yergens Rd & Hwy 20

    Route 10:

    Levitch Rd

    Levitch Rd & Hwy 20 

    Route 10:



    Route 11:

    Runs the same


    Route 12:


    Rosema & Camdon

    Route 13:

    Runs the same


    Route 14:

    McCloud Creek

     Corner of Willy Way & Coyote Trail

    Route 15:

    Thompson Rd

    Jefferson & Spring Valley

    Route 17:

    Runs the same


    Route 19:

    Runs the same




      Most “Limited Snow Route days” are due to adverse road conditions and our number one priority is to keep our students safe. Also when the going is slow, we must reduce the number of stops and shorten some of the routes in order to stay on time. Our goal is to arrive on time to our schools with minimum delays and as safely as possible. We also want to avoid some areas where we have had equipment get stuck in the past. The County has advised that our routes are a priority, but with limited budgets, there will be delays in their plowing schedule but no change in their level of service.


    For more information or route changes please call Durham Bus Services a
    t 447-0505.