•  For more information or route changes please call Durham Bus Services at: 509-447-0505
    Regularly Scheduled Routes: 

    Rt 1:


    Hwy 2, Hwy 211, Fertile Valley, Old State Hwy , Jermain Loop

    Rt 3:


    Davis Lake, Hwy 211, Sacheen Terrace, Hwy 2

    Rt 4:


    North Shore, Jorgens Loop, Viet, Panhead Hill

    Rt 5:


    Hwy 2, Telephone Rd, Green Rd, Driskell Loop

    Rt 6:


    Hwy 41, Rena Rd, Roberts/Saunders, Garrett Rd, Blanchard Crk

    Rt 7:


    Leclerc, Conklin Meadows

    Rt 8:


    Deer Valley, Rocky Gorge

    Rt 9:


    Hwy 211, Baker Lake, Turk, Deeter, Hwy 20, McCloud Crk, Bobier,

    Rt 10:


    Hwy 20, Herbs Dr, Yergens, Levitch, Dalkena, Russell Rd, Turner Rd

    Rt 11:


    Hwy 2, South Shore

    Rt 12:


    Scotia, Camden, Rosema Rd

    Rt 13:


    Spring Valley, Lillijard, Stohr, Bergan, Big Foot

    Rt 14:


    Deer Valley, Coyote Trail, McCloud Crk

    Rt 15:


    Hwy 2, Spring Valley, Elmers Loop, Thompson Rd

    Rt 17:


    Special Needs

    Rt 19:


    Special Needs





































    Activity Routes….

    Route 1: Takes LeClerc Rd to Usk Bridge and then highway 20 back to Newport.

     Route 2: Takes Deer Valley Rd, left onto Hwy 211 then left on Hwy 2 back to Newport.

    • Some stops are: Store n More, Paint the Wind (Hwy2 and Hwy 211), Merv’s Mercantile , & South Shore Store

     Route 3: Highway 2 out to Camden Rd., left onto Scotia Rd, right onto Spring Valley to the Mennonite Church