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Professional Development

Funding for Professional Development will be provided at each building through the building budget or other funding sources.  Members will complete the Professional Development Form and submit it to the building principal for approval and evaluation evidence.

The form below must be completed by anyone leaving the district for any type professional leave.   



  • Complete the Professional Development Form 2 weeks prior to your requested leave. This form will be forwarded to your building principal for approval.
  • The building principal will approve or deny the requested leave; you will be notified immediately if the form is denied.

Employee responsibilities after the form has been approved:

  • Enter your absence in Aesop, selecting Professional Leave as the type of leave.*Remember to put where you are going in the admin notes.
  • Complete a purchase order for necessary registration, lodging and travel expenses. If you need help with the process, please contact Debra x 4510.
  • Check out a credit card to pay for any lodging or airfare. Remember to write your purchase order number or attach a copy of your purchase order to all credit card receipts. Send all receipts to Katrina.
  • If you are taking a school district credit card with you, be sure to check out a card from Cheryl at the district office.

     Meal Reimbursement Rates:  

   East of Cascades  West of Cascades
 Breakfast $10   $15
 Lunch $15 $20
 Dinner $25 $30
 Total  $50  $65

  Reimbursement can not be requested for any meals provided by the conference you are attending.  This includes complimentary breakfast at the hotel you are staying.