• 2020-2023 Replacement Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) Levy
     Thanks to the support of our community, Newport Schools have developed an excellent educational program for our children. 

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     Why do we need EP&O Levies?  
    • The current supplemental levy will expire at the end of this school year.
    • EP&O levy dollars help us to maintain current district programs and services.
    • EP&O levy dollars help to support unfunded state programs like student activities or enhance current district operations and support expenditures like the school resource officer, school nurse and funding for Pend Oreille River School/Skill Center.  
    • We must have a supplemental levy in place to receive matching LEA funds.  Without a levy our district would lose about $440,145 in state revenues. 


      2020-2023 Replacement EP&O Levy
    This levy replaces an expiring three year levy and renews local funding allowing us to provide quality educational opportunities for the students of our community.  Allowing us to maintain existing programs as well as staffing levels.  State funding does not adequately fund current programs and services and levy funds ensure that we can maintain these quality programs.  The loss of a levy and matching funds would significantly impact NSD operations and require reductions in programs and staffing.
      Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
     Staffing over state reimbursement:  Includes school nurse, counselors, gifted/highly capable teacher, instructional librarians and maintenance/custodial staff. $588,376     $605,787 $623,721 
     Extra Curricular Programs:  Fully supports the extra curricular programs and includes all salaries/benefits, athletic safety equipment, personnel training, officials and transportation. $576,075    $586,237  $593,203
     Chromebooks:  Supports 1:1 student to device and facilitates curriculum and state mandated testing.  $79,659  $82,049  $84,510
     Advanced Opportunities for Students & Student Assessment:  Supports district assessment and advanced opportunities for students.  $68,037  $69,048  $70,075
     Campus Safety & Security:  School resource officer, security cameras and main entry locking systems  $110,000  $112,000 $114,000
     Pend Oreille River School/Skill Center:  Allows the district to maintain and operate the Skill Center and alternative school program and facility.  $45,000  $45,000  $45,000
     School Programs:  Supports operating costs of district programs that are not fully funded.  Student transportation and SEBB for substitute employees  $106,000  $106,560  $107,126
     TOTAL LEVY AMOUNT PER YEAR   $1,573,148  $1,606,681  $1,637,634
    What will this levy cost?  Levy rates are calculated on a cost per thousand of the current market value of properties.  If market values increase, levy rates will decrease and the opposite is also true.  If market values decrease, levy rates will increase. The estimated levy rate for the 2020-2023 replacement EP&O levy is $1.78 per thousand.  Note:  Senior and disabled citizens may be eligible for a homeowner's exemption.  Exemptions are based upon income and must be applied for.  To see if you qualify contact the Pend Oreille County Assessor at (509) 447-4312.
    This levy will not increase your current tax rate; it will replace the current levy in place. 
    Cost to the Homeowner 
     Home Value  Per Month Cost
     $100,000  $14.85
     $125,000        $18.57
     $150,000  $22.28
     $200,000  $29.70
     $250,000  $37.13
     $300,000 $44.55