• NHS ASB  NHS Associated Student Body

  • The NHS ASB consists of two main parts:  the Executive Officers and the Council (council consists of the elected class officers and the chosen representatives from clubs and CTE school recognized organizations).  The Executive Officers consist of a body of five elected officers that oversee the culture and climate initiatives for our student body and assure that our school is following the financial and legal operations as required by the state RCW's and laws set up for all ASB monies.  The Executive Officers share their weekly meeting decisions and initiatives decided upon with the ASB Council, these representatives vote and guide decisions before taking major programs and spending decisions to the Associated Student Body (ASB) at large.  
    Some of the most important student initiatives our ASB sponsors are Homecoming, Veterans Day Assembly, For the Grizzlies, By the Grizzlies Food Drive, Holiday Hoopla, Winter Spirit Week, Grizolympics, NHS Lock-in, Culture Craze and Talent Show, the Senior Countdown and Great Grizzly Grab, and lots of Pep Assemblies and spirit galore throughout the year.
    ASB also guides all Leadership class activities and projects that five committees share duties to maintain.  The 5 committees in Leadership class include:  Executive, Public Relations, Grizzly Way, Beautification, and Community Outreach.  The class members perform project management duties three days of the week to assure the ASB goals and needs are being met; these committees are responsible for the maintenance and day to day operations required to assure our Griz Ohana is being served by their officers and representatives.  For example, these committees update all school locker decorations, bulletin boards, and produce weekly calendar updates in a variety of formats.  They also assist in the agenda and schedules for assemblies, Grizzly Way promotions, and character incentives, and provide frequent community outreach and volunteer to assist local businesses and nonprofits needing assistance as requested.  
    Overall, our NHS ASB is here to serve our students and community!  Our goal is to "Leave It Better Than We Found It" by serving each other and our community through servant leadership.